Đề thi Tiếng Anh tuyển sinh vào lớp 10 Bạc Liêu (2016-2017)

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Tuyển tập đề thi vào 10 môn Tiếng Anh



Môn thi: TIẾNG ANH( Không chuyên)

Part I. Choose the best answer A, B, C or D to complete sentences. ( 4 points)

  1. Do you remember the woman___ showed you how to solve that problem?


B. whom

C. who

D. which

  1. Mr. James is interested in wildlife _____


B. conserving

C. conservation

D. conserved

  1. He had an accident yesterday because he drove______

A. carelessly

B. carefully

C. careful

D. careless

  1. His grandfather is _____ old to play that kind of sports.

A. enough

B. too

C. so

D very

  1. Thanh lives near his school. He always goes to school ____ foot.

A. on

B. in

C. with

D. by

  1. Who’s going to ____ the children while you’re away?

A. look after

B. take care

C. look up

D. look care of

  1. The computer _____ three years ago.

A. bought

B. was bought

C. buys

D. is bought

  1. Day after day, she is ____ with doing the same work everyday.

A. fond

B. interested

C. bored

D. keen

  1. She was ill, ____ she didn’t go to work yesterday.

A. or

B. and

C. but

D. so

  1. Susan said that she Susan said that she ____ for Paris the following day.
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A. had left

B. would leave

D. left

  1. If he didn’t live far from here, I ____ him to our house more often.

A. will invite

B. invite

C. look up

D. would invite

  1. Van is_____ than her sister.

A. more prettier

B. more pretty

C. will leave

D. prettier

  1. Don’t forget ____ off the light when you go out.

A. turn

B. to turn

C. prettiest

D. turning

  1. Peter won the contest, ­­­­­_____ ?

A. did he

B. did Peter

C. didn’t Peter

D. didn’t he

  1. At the moment Mike ____ television in the living room.

A. watches

B. watching

C. watched

is watching

  1. Maryan wishes she _____ Vietnamese fluently.

A. can speak

B. speak

C. could speak

D. speaks

Part 2. Choose the correct answer A,B, C or D to complete the passage. ( 2 points)

Wales has a population of about three millions. English is the main language and 20% speak both Wesh and English. Every year, (17)____August there is Wesh speaking festival. It (18)

____ place in a different town each year so everyone has the chance for it to be near them. Local people ( 19) ____ years making plans for when the festival will be in (20) _____ town. Each festival is joined by about 160,000 people. They travel not only bearby towns and villages (21) ____ from Wesh speaking people abroad. There are concerts, play and (23)_____ to find the best singers, poets, writers and so on. Shops sell Wesh music, books, pictures and clothes as( 24) ____ as food and drink. The festival provides an oppoturtunity for Wesh – speaking people to be together for a whole week, with the Wesh language around them.

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A. at

B. on

C. in

D. by


A. takes

B. makes

C. finds

D. has


A. pass

B. spend

C. waste

D. take


A. your

B. our

C. his

D. their


A. but

B. none

C. not

D. and


A. even

B. hardly

C. just

D. quite


A. examination

B. competitions

C. tests

D. races


A. far

B. good

C. well

D. long

Part 3. Read the passage and answer the questions ( 2 points)

Peter had an exciting summer holiday last year. His French pen pal, Marie invited him to visit her family in Marseilles, in the south of France. Marie met him in Paris and they took a train to travel from Paris to Marseilles. It is a very large port. A lot of people live in Marseilles and there are amny shops and cafes there. Peter had to speak French all the time with Marie and her family. At first, it was very difficult for him but soon it became easier. One day, Marie and her parents took Peter for a picnic in the mountain. They climbed a big hill, they had a wonderful view, and they could see the sea. Peter was sad as it was time to go back to London. He was very happy when Marie promised to spend her holidays with his family in England next summer.


  1. Who is Peter’s pen pal?
  2. How did Peter and his pen pal go to Marseilles?
  3. What language did Peter speak when he was in France?
  4. Why was Peter happy?
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